• What is CELPIP?

    The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is an English competence exam. It is designated by the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

  • Who can take the CELPIP exam?

    People who are applying for Canadian citizenship or permanent residency can take the CELPIP exam to obtain proof of their English communicative competence.

  • What sets CELPIP apart from other language exams?

    CELPIP is especially designed for people who want to stay indefinitely in Canada. Hence, it contains tasks and materials that takers will encounter every day in that setting. Unlike other international English tests, for instance, it mostly utilizes Canadian, British, and American accents in its listening component.

  • How is CELPIP scored?

    Test takers can get a CELPIP grade of 12 to 3, M (minimal sufficiency), and NA (not administered)—with 12 as the highest and NA the lowest. Each section is evaluated using unique criteria. Results are released eight (8) business days after the test date.

  • Who accepts CELPIP results?

    CELPIP results are accepted by the IRCC as accurate proofs of English competence.

  • What is the passing score in CELPIP?

    What is considered as “passing score” in CELPIP varies depending on the candidate’s purpose for taking the exam. For most candidates, it is the grade required by the institution they are applying to. Technically, there are no passing or failing marks in CELPIP. The test simply gauges its taker’s linguistic skills and establishes their CELPIP level.

  • How long are CELPIP results valid?

    CELPIP results are valid for up to two years after the test date.

  • When and where can I take the CELPIP exam?

    The CELPIP exam can be taken every month in the Manila testing site.

  • Why take CELPIP?

    A high CELPIP grade shows that you have sufficient English competence to live in Canada. You can use your results to apply for permanent residency or citizenship in Canada.

  • Why choose JRooz CELPIP Review Center?

    JRooz CELPIP Review Center aims to help Filipinos secure their grade goals to further their citizenship or permanent residency applications to Canada. Here’s how we ensure our students will secure their grade goals.

    • We use selected and up-to-date training materials and practice exams.
    • We conduct one-on-one coaching sessions to help students refine their linguistic abilities.
    • Our CELPIP coaches are certified and experienced language instructors.
    • Our classes cater only to a limited number of students.
    • Our classrooms are study-conducive and well-equipped for CELPIP training.

    There are many JRooz training facilities across the Philippines. All of them are dedicated to providing the best training to CELPIP test takers.

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