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Practical Tips for CELPIP Speaking Task 5: Comparing & Persuading

CELPIP Speaking Task 5: Comparing & Persuading

Comparing and persuading is the fifth task in the CELPIP speaking test. In this Speaking Task, you will see pictures of two different products on the screen. Your task is to pick one from the two pictures that you can easily talk about. Each product contains detailed descriptions, so you can compare their differences. There is no right or wrong choice. Your goal is to convince the examiner that your choice is better than the other one.

The CELPIP Speaking Task 5: Comparing & Persuading consists of the following:

  • 60-second time limit for picking your choice;
  • 60-second preparation time; and
  • 60-second recording time.

Practical Tips for CELPIP Speaking Task 5

Do you want to hone your CELPIP preparation and ace this Speaking Task? Check out these six practical tips on how to get a high band score in the CELPIP Speaking Task 5 – comparing and persuading!

1.  Since you have 60 seconds to choose your desired picture, use this time to compare the descriptions of each product. While picking, compare their cost and choose the one with the cheaper cost.

2. During your preparation time, select three descriptions to support your chosen product. For test takers who want to boost their CELPIP preparation, use the most obvious things such as the price, size, and function.

3. Write a draft of your response. Remember that you must convince the examiner that your chosen product is better than the other one. Your answer must be clear and concise, so you need to avoid information or details that are not related to the description

4. When constructing your answer, make sure to use the following comparative adjectives:

  • easier/harder
  • faster/slower
  • lighter/heavier
  • older/newer
  • longer/shorter
  • lighter/darker

Using comparative adjectives enables you to simply compare the two products rather than mentioning their specific description.

5. During the recording time, speak in a convincing tone and express your answer properly. To solidify your response, make sure that you add more positive points about your desired product

6. Maximize your 60 seconds of recording time. End your response with convincing sentences such as “Anyways, that’s why I think Product A is better than Product B.,” “I hope I’ve convinced you that Product A can cater your needs.” or “Overall, Product A is more advanced than Product B.

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