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Score High in the CELPIP Writing Test! Avoid These Grammar Mistakes

Even if you love writing, chances are you’re not a fan of grammar rules. As a CELPIP taker, however, you can’t afford to disregard them when you take the exam. Incorrect grammar application reflects laziness, poor English know-how, and a lack of respect for the reader—all of which can sabotage your test performance. So, make sure all your answers in the exam are grammatically correct.

Prepare with CELPIP packages to get an intensive grammar crash course, practice your writing skills as often as you can, and develop your proofreading skills. Ensure all your written works are free of the following grammar mistakes.

  • Fragmented Sentences

Sentence fragments refer to incomplete sentences that lack an independent clause.

They may have no subject, verb, or both. For example, “She gave him an expensive anniversary gift after the argument. In spite of everything.” The latter sentence is a sentence fragment. It can be combined with the preceding sentence, such as “In spite of everything, she gave him an expensive anniversary gift after the argument.” Keep an eye for sentence fragments during your CELPIP review efforts.

  • Inaccurate Subject–Verb Agreement

Make sure your subject agrees with your verb. Singular subjects (e.g., test taker) must be paired with the s-form of the verb (e.g., studies). Plural subjects (e.g., test takers) must be matched with the base form of the verb (e.g., study).

  • Inconsistent Pronoun Reference

Pronouns are used to replace a noun. Its antecedent may be a person, place, or thing. Vague or incorrect pronoun references can mislead the reader and reduce your writing’s coherence. So, make sure all your pronouns refer to their respective nouns clearly.

  • Missing Punctuations

Here are the most common punctuations that people forget to include in their writings.

  • The apostrophe in “its” (possessive) and “it’s” (It is)
  • The comma after an introductory element
  • The comma separating two compound sentences
  • The punctuation at the end of a sentence

Keep in mind that these are only the most commonly committed punctuation mistakes. Enroll in CELPIP packages to learn more about them.

Make sure you don’t fall into any of these tricky grammar traps. Proofread all your written works and take note of your recurring mistakes. Determine why you’re always committing them and take measures to avoid doing them again.

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