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The Test Taker’s Guide to the CELPIP Writing Test

The CELPIP-General writing test is designed to measure how well you can communicate through writing in an everyday situation. It consists of two writing tasks and takes about 60 minutes. During the writing test, you will see a text that explains the writing test instructions. On the upper right side of the monitor, you will see a blue button “next.” Once you have read the instructions, click “next” and the writing task 1 will start.

As a student enrolled in a CELPIP review center Manila, it is essential to know the components and guidelines of the writing section as it helps boost your CELPIP preparation and ace the writing test. To help you achieve this, here is the test taker’s guide to the CELPIP-General writing section.

The Test Taker’s Guide to the CELPIP Writing Test

For test takers attending in any CELPIP review (Manila, Makati, and Baguio), read and follow these two components of the writing test:

CELPIP Writing Task 1: Writing an Email

The first writing task requires you to write an email or a letter regarding a day-to-day situation. For example, you may be asked to write a feedback about the product you have bought from a company, a recommendation about the service that you have experience in a company, or present a charity to a local business and raise money. Once you have identified the writing prompt, you can now write a response in 150–200 words. In this writing task, your email/letter may be formal, semi-formal or informal.

Total Task Time:       You have 30 minutes to construct a comprehensive essay.

CELPIP Writing Task 2: Responding to Survey Questions

In the second writing task, you will read information about a survey question. After reading the question, you will see two answer options, and your task is to choose an answer among these options. You must explain the reasons for your choice by writing an essay with 150–200 words. Your essay must be clearly structured and contains a wide array of sentence structures: In this writing task, your response must include the following:

  • …an introduction that explains your main point;
  • …a body that presents examples and details related to your main point; and
  • …a conclusion that summarizes the overall idea of your essay.

Total Task Time:       The second writing task takes about 26 minutes.

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