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tips for celpip review

Top Tips for CELPIP Review

Enrolling in an excellent training facility, like JRooz CELPIP review Manila, is one of the best ways to prepare for the high-stakes exam. You get to learn from CELPIP experts, use quality training materials, and hone your linguistic skills. You’ll also learn the essentials of Canadian culture. Sounds great right?

Here’s the thing though. If you do decide to enroll in a CELPIP review Manila course, make sure you don’t rely solely on it for your test preparations. Conduct your own study efforts. Take every opportunity to practice what you learned in your classes. Use the following tips to maximize your review period.

  1. Sharpen your listening skills.

In the CELPIP listening exam, the audio recording will only play once. There’s no pause or play option. So, sharpen your listening skills. Listen to Canadian news broadcasts and watch shows with Canadian characters to get used to the accent. Pay attention to how their accent flavors their pronunciations.

  1. Develop a note-taking strategy.

No matter how sharp your memory is, don’t rely on it solely during the listening exam.

Jot down notes while you listen to the recording. The CELPIP administrators will give you notepaper and pen at the beginning of the test. Use them wisely.

Develop a note-taking strategy during your review period to avoid wasting time on your test date. Get used to using symbols and abbreviations to shorten words. Improve your writing speed. Then, practice jotting down notes while you listen to a news broadcast or documentary.

  1. Build up your vocabulary.

This is one of the best ways to complement your CELPIP review Manila classes. Learn as many useful English words and expressions as you can. English news websites like BBC and the New York Times are great resources. If reading or watching the news is not your cup of tea, watch English shows and movies instead.  Watch them with subtitles so you’ll know how to spell unfamiliar words correctly.

Watch them without subtitles to practice your listening skills.

  1. Hone your time management skills.

If you’re taking classes at the CELPIP review center in Manila, you’ll know that how you use your time in the reading and writing exams is entirely up to you. And, it’s both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, you can spend as much time as you want on an item to make sure your answer is correct. On the other, there’s a risk that you’d neglect the other parts of the test in your effort to perfect your response to an item. Developing your time management skills is the best way to avoid this mistake. Get used to keeping track of the time while you answer questions.

  1. Improve your typing skills.

Since the CELPIP exam is completely computerized, you’ll need to either use the mouse or the keyboard to input your answers. Consider this during your CELPIP review period. If you’re not a fast typist, make sure it won’t interfere with your test performance. Improve your typing skills.

Make every second of your CELPIP preparation period count to achieve your grade goals on your first attempt. Complement your classes at the CELPIP review center Manila with these tips.