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Your Guide to CELPIP Reading Success

Reading is the second of
the four communicative skills evaluated by CELPIP.

This article discusses
everything you need to know to score high in this section of the life-changing

CELPIP Reading:
Format and Coverage

listening test is divided into four parts. The first two sections test your
ability to understand correspondences and diagrams while the latter sections
evaluate your ability to analyze and identify key information. Below is a run-through
of what you can expect from each component. Consider them during your CELPIP preparation course to enhance your training

1: Reading Correspondence

Duration: 11 minutes

Number of Questions: 11

Material Description: A letter that revolves around a
specific purpose.

Task Description: You must complete 11 tasks about the
contents of the letter. Each item—which may come in the form of an incomplete
statement, a blank to fill in, or a complete question—has four options.

Part 2: Reading to Apply a Diagram

Duration: 9 minutes

Number of Questions: 8

Material Description: A table, chart, graph, or diagram 

Task Description: You must answer eight items to complete
a letter or passage about the graphic organizer. Each item has four options.

Part 3: Reading for Information

Duration: 10 minutes  

Number of Questions: 9

Material Description: A text about a specific topic

Task Description: You must answer nine matching-type
questions about the text. The number of options depends on the number of
paragraphs in the text.

Part 4: Reading for Viewpoints

Duration: 13 minutes

Number of Questions: 10

Material Description: A text that presents various viewpoints
(e.g., website article)

Task Description: You must answer ten questions about the
text. The number of options varies.

Keep in mind that these
are only summaries of each section of the reading exam. If you want to get a
more in-depth discussion of each component, enroll in our CELPIP preparation course.

CELPIP Reading: Dos
and Don’ts

Now that you know what to
expect from the test, you need to make sure you’re prepared for each of its
sections adequately. Follow the dos and don’ts below.


  • Practice
    different reading techniques.
  • Hone
    your time management strategy.
  • Take
    every opportunity to read English materials during your review.
  • Prepare
    with a CELPIP review center to learn from exam
    experts and get access to up-to-date mock tests.


  • Leave
    a test item blank.
  • Panic
    when you encounter unfamiliar words and expressions.
  • Base
    your answers on information not included in the provided texts.
  • Read
    without purpose during your training period. Read to extract and analyze

Don’t stop with
the reading sub-test. Make sure you’re prepared for the other three components
of the CELPIP test. Enroll in a CELPIP training program to maximize your review
period and guarantee exam success.